Oliver on Adriatic Oil Drilling

March 3rd 2015

Interviewed on RTL last night, Oliver Dragojević framed the issue in a simple question: yes or no. Just ask the people.

‘Naše more je nešto najljepše na svijetu, nemojmo to uništiti’

Ask. Ask. Ask the citizens of Croatia, ask the residents of Croatia and ask the people of the neighboring countries what they think.

Of course, they’d need to be provided with all the facts, first. Not propaganda and misinformation. Not promises of wealth and jobs and security. Facts and alternatives.

What could the Croatian government be doing differently to make Croatia energy independant and stimulate the economy. Last year 314 Billion dollars was invested in clean energy worldwide. What has Croatia done to position itself as an attractive place for clean energy investment? Wind and solar are known, proven resources in Croatia.

So yes, ask, please ask. Ask our children what kind of jobs they want to have in 10 years, in 25 years? Ask them if they’ll even want to live in a dirty industrialized Dalmatia, if they’ll just leave for a better life in a better place.


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