Message from Plavi Svijet

October 1st 2014

An article from Plavi Svijet regarding drilling in the adriatic.
Here’s a partial translation:

Try to imagine human activity on land that could be heard and felt from the border with Slovenia to the border with Serbia. From the Sava to the Drava, without a single oasis of peace and silence. Try to imagine such space that trembles under the strikes of airguns day and night, for years. Try to imagine such a space that suffocates in fog and toxic gasses. Sounds almost impossible and apocalyptic? But, that could be the near future of the Adriatic Sea.

For the first time, it seems to us, the entire Adriatic is in danger. Although we never use such big words, as they are seldom true, this time there isn’t a single corner of the Adriatic sea that will not feel the effects of activities connected with exploration and extraction of the oil and gas. Why? Because the entire Croatian open sea, the islands of Vis and Lastovo are surrounded with 29 survey blocks where the Croatian government plans to allow surveying of the bottom over a 5 year and hydrocarbon extraction for a minimum of 25 years. With numerous negative effects that will be multiplied in a small and closed sea like Adriatic, huge levels of noise and tremendous pollution are the main threats to the environment, all the organisms that dwell in it, and also to human health and activities on the sea.

Why was the development of the Strategic environmental impact assessment started at the end of the bidding for concessions in survey blocks in the Adriatic? According to the law and EU directives it should have been done before concession contracts are signed. Why documentation for developing the study, that is half year late, is so short and unclear? Why the study must be developed in such rush with acceptance date set to “no latter than February 2015”? Why Croatia still does not have any rules and guidelines for carrying out surveying and exploitation activities for oil and gas in the sea? Why the Ministry of Economy, according to the law and international obligations, did not inform the public about the positive and negative aspects that hydrocarbons extraction could bring? Is Croatia expecting it’s neighboring countries, that will surely feel the damage because the sea does not recognise borders, to simply ignore it?

We are sorry for not having this full text in English yet, but we hope you understand threats that Adriatic is facing! We will try to translate it soon!“ - Blue World

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