Interview with the Minister, part 1

May 21st 2014

Early this month, Slobonda Dalmatcija published Dalmacijo, probudi se! calling on Dalmatians to wake up and protest.

As the weeks progress, I continue to see news reports only regurgitating the same weak and tired sound bites by Croatian political leaders. So I must ask, journalists, where are your voices?

In case you need some help, I’ve done my own interview, based on available resources. Perhaps you’ll have some better luck getting more detailed responses than I did.

Note: This is the first in a multipart series asking the hard questions regarding the benefits of drilling for oil in the Adriatic sea.

Mr. Vrdoljak, there have been no environmenal studies performed in the Adriatic sea, how can you claim that an oil spill would not harm the marine ecosystems, permanently damage the coastline and destroy the tourism and fishing industries?

Highest environmental standards!

But sir, with no environmental studies, how would the Oil and Gas companies know what would be an adequate response, and prepare for it?

Highest environmental standards!

Does Croatia even have the resources to respond to and remediate a spill? What about air pollution? Are there standards for that set?

Highest environmental standards!

Images used Shaquannah and Machalus, Duke of Time are licensed CC BY-SA 3.0. Thanks, cwebber!

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