How far is 6KM

May 14th 2014

It’s hard to express how disturbed I am by the comments made by members of the Croatian government to the media around this planned drilling fiasco.

In a recent article in the Financial Times, Barbara Doric, president of the Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency, says:

“one of the basic tender requirements was adherence to the highest environmental standards” and that block boundaries are located at least 10km from the mainland and 6km from islands.

We are already doubtful of the claim for environmental standards, as we know there haven’t even been any studies. So the real question for Ms. Doric is: Do you really know how far is 6 km? I do.

When I am driving across the island of Korčula, I get a clear view of the island of Lastovo, 12 km from the edge of the island and about 17 km from my location. If I look at bit more to the east, I can see Mljet. Yes Mljet, the National Park.

And of course, on the Vela Luka side of the island - you can clearly see Vis, 35km away, the lights of each house twinkling in the distance.

Korčula, Vis, Mljet, Brač, beautiful pollution-free Dalmatian islands, all situated in the path of destruction, because, Ms Doric, doesn’t know that 6km is in fact very close.

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