Referendum Games

April 13th 2015

There seems to be a little confusion by some members of the Croatian government lately surrounding the question of a referendum on Oil drilling in the Adriatic sea…

Adriatic Oil Drilling... Referendum!

March 4th 2015


In a huge victory for those in the fight to preserve the cleanliness and health of the Adriatic sea, a referendum on the issue as been announced. As reported on RTL yesterday, Prime Minister Zoran Milanović has stated that we are going to a referendum!

Musicians Against Oil Drilling

February 26th 2015

More Voices Against Adriatic Oil Drilling

The Croatian Government continues to ignore the valid environmental and legal challenges by respected scientists, foreign governments, economists, legal experts and residents against Adriatic oil drilling. Opposition are groups are dismissed as a ‘bunch of NGOs’ working with the import lobby. However, every day new voices and media are added to the growing list of people who demand that oil drilling in the Adriatic sea be stopped…